"If your team is homogenous, you are consigned to 'wow-less-ness'".

-Tom Peters

Our Partners

At D.B.Management we will do whatever it takes to help our customers be the best they can possibly be. It is with this in mind that we look for the very best partners to help us achieve that goal. Here is a list of our partners:

Alan B. Cochrane

Alan B. CochraneAlan is one of the PCB industry's foremost technical experts when it comes to process and quality. He has worked with some of the top electronics companies in the world, including MULTEK and Ambitech. He puts this expertise to use by helping companies increase their technical capabilities, enter new technology markets, and improve process controls. He is also adept at finding, selecting, installing and maintaining equipment to increase overall yields. Through D.B. Management Group, Alan is available for projects ranging from basic two-day shop evaluations, to long term consulting agreements.
Alan can be reached at:
Phone (603) 528-1720
Mobile (949) 636-0690

Paul Emello

Paul EmelloCapitol Technologies, LLC specializes in helping owners sell a business, assisting companies expand through acquisition and helping individuals find the right business to buy. We believe that working closely with our clients allows us to provide the professional guidance necessary to navigate the often complex task of selling or buying a business. Our business relationships are characterized by the highest level of ethics and confidentiality. Capitol Technologies, LLC believes that professionalism is a key element to every business for sale and is central to our ongoing success.
Paul can be reached at:
Capitol Technologies, LLC
25 Denby Road
Boston, MA. 02134
Tel: 617-254-2588
Fax: 617-254-6848

Martin Petersen

Martin PetersenMarty has over 30 years of experience in Operations, Sales and General Management, with more than 15 years in the Printed Circuit Board Industry. He has worked with major printed circuit board fabrication companies: Automated Systems Inc., Advanced Quick Circuits and the Tyco Printed Circuit Group as well as smaller PCB shops: Multicircuits and Circuit Images. A seasoned professional, Marty is well networked throughout the Printed Circuit Board industry. Using a back to basics approach, he has significant experience working with direct sales teams and independent sales representatives to achieve a substantial and sustaining increase in sales. His expertise lies in setting up sales management systems for our clients. Marty is particularly good at working with some of our smaller clients who need to gain traction in growing their business.
Marty is known for his excellent organization and management skills and has been described as a determined producer who analyzes situations and quickly helps our clients achieve a strong increase in Sales.
Marty can be reached at:
Petersen Sales, Inc.
Office: 262 238 0899
Cell: 262 488 3115
Email: map408@att.net

Keith Robbins

Keith RobbinsWith over twenty years in the PCB business, most of it with Photocircuits which he helped grow from $30MM to a high of $420MM, Keith brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to his association with D.B. Management Group. He is a fantastic resource for D.B.M.G. where his focus is primarily with Rep Searches and Rep Management systems. During his years at in Sales and Marketing at Photocircuits, Keith has probably accumulated more hands on experience in Rep management than anyone else in the PCB business.As more and more of our clients turn to us to help them handle their Rep needs Keith is a critical part of our service offerings. He is also tremendously effective at getting the most from an established sales force. His unique approach to sales management is extremely valuable when it comes to Managing, Motivating and Measuring our clients sales teams.
He says: "When it comes to New Account Development I love to strategize with sales people about the things they can do to penetrate and grow an account. I'm really good at asking questions and listening to what is and isn't said in response."
Keith can be reached at:
Robbins Consulting
Email: keithrobbins@earthlink.net

Dale Smith

Dale SmithCan help your company in a number of ways. He is an expert in Lean Manufacturing. He has many years of plant management and team building; and he is an expert in flex and rigid flex technology. Dale can also lead your company in achieving qualifications and registrations such as ITAR and 31032. He is truly a great resource to any printed circuit board fabricator who wants to improve themselves to the point of being an true industry leader when it comes to Manufacturing, Technology and most importantly innovation.
Dale can be reached at:
Email: dale.smith@verizon.net

Robert Tarzwell

Robert TarzwellBob Tarzwell is a long time printed circuit board manufacturing veteran and one of the moving forces in our industry's technological innovation. By combining Bob's technical and manufacturing strengths with our strong sales and marketing capabilities we will be able to offer printed circuits board companies a complete PCB solution with Bob showing your company how to develop new high tech products including extreme circuits, high reliable electronics, heat sinking technology, low CTE technology, micro circuits and ultra fine lines to 8 micron; high voltage, heavy copper to 20 oz, impedance vias; three dimensional copper structures and silver ink HDI circuits. And I being able to show you how to market and sell them. Call me today at 207-649-0879 and find out how we can completely change the way you do business.
Bob can be reached at:
Office: 905-963-3443
Email: bob@dmrpcb.com

Nigel Warshaw

Nigel WarshawNigel has more than 35 years of experience managing the international marketing of technical products in Europe, North America and Asia. He is proficient in English, French, German, Dutch and Italian and familiar with working in the many different business cultures of Europe, North America and Asia. Our goal is to be able to offer our clients a true international solution including joint ventures, licensing, and marketing agreements, international market research, developing distribution networks and market expansion. Nigel also has a great deal of management board experience Management Board experience in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and the USA. He is a Graduate Electrical Engineer, Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Directors. Nigel's degree in electrical engineering is from Faraday House London. Nigel Warshaw & Associates comprises a network of international consulting companies, including: CB China, Decision Trend USA, APROS Consulting Germany

Mike Wilson

Mike WilsonMike Wilson has been in the PCB industry for the past 40 years. He started out as a PCB designer, became an Engineer and then sold PCB Design, Fabrication and Assembly services for 25 years. He has been in Sales for Engineering software for the past ten years with Cadence, OHIO DA, ADI and Cadplex. He is very technical and works closely with Engineers getting electronic products developed. Mike's alliance with D.B. Management allows us to help design service bureaus increase their market presence and sales; as well as helping start ups market their new software design tools.
Mike can be reached at:
ADI / Cadplex Sales
Office: 215-368-5817
Cell: 267-971-7300
Email: mww469@verizon.net
Yahoo IM = mikewilson19422






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