Book Review: Super Communicator

A book review from Dan Beaulieu: Super Communicator: Explaining the Complicated So Anyone Can Understand By: Frank J. Pietrucha One of the greatest gifts anyone can have is the ability to communicate. This is especially true when it comes to subjects like technology. An Wang of Wang Computers said years ago, “A true genius is […]

Where Did All The PCB Salespeople Go?

Where are all the PCB salespeople? A few years ago there were all kinds of sales people on the street. Good sales people; seasoned veterans with proven track records who had been victimized by first the stream of mergers that left them high and dry when the conquering company went with their sales force and […]

Don’t Be Afraid, Have Courage!

They say that courage is the number one quality of all successful companies. You have to have courage to get anything done. Because it is a big scary world out there and if you don’t have the guts, think courage, to face it you will not survive. The more I work with companies the more […]

Putting Together Your Team

What do the Boston Red Sox, The New England Patriots, and the Chicago Cubs all have in common? Besides all being winners (and my three favorite teams) they have won by building teams synergistically. By that I mean they build teams by putting the team in front of individual players that way making the team […]

Let’s Talk Leadership

Do you ever sit back and wonder what kind of leader you are? Are the people who work for you inspired by you or are they there with you because you are the only game in town? Would they stay with you if another very similar company opened up across the street? Think about that, […]