Eight Great Things To Teach A New Salesperson

Listen!! All of us are working diligently on getting more young people involved in our business today. And of course, many of those people are going to be involved in sales. These young people are going to need the right training to make sure that they become good, effective, and of course successful, sales people. […]

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

An oldie worth repeating: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Being successful in sales takes a lot of hard work, dedication and downright stubbornness. It takes working long hours, and being prepared, after all nothing good just falls into your lap…or does it? I am about to tell you a true story. Yes, […]

No Willie Lomans Please!

Reinventing yourself Okay, you have been at this a long time, maybe too long, heck twenty, thirty, or even forty years, and now you’re getting a bit, shall we say, long in the tooth and somewhat tired. But you still love the business, and kind of, still like what you do. You like it enough […]