What Marketing Is Not…

I spend a lot of time in this column talking about what branding is, what social media is and what marketing is and I try to get the message out that every company has a story to tell. It is our job as marketing professionals to create that story, make it an alluring and attractive […]

That Dreaded Cold Call

To paraphrase Mark Twain “the reports of the death of the cold call have been greatly exaggerated.”  I know that every salesperson in the country wishes that the cold call was in fact truly dead. But sorry guys, it’s not. To be a salesperson you have to call people and talk to them about buying […]

Ready, Set, Go!

Well maybe not today or tomorrow but we are all going to be out there again, hopefully sooner than later. So, let’s talk about what we need to do to prepare ourselves for our long overdue re-entry into the world of face to face sales. I know that it will not be business as usual, […]

Opportunities – Particularly NPI – Are Exploding!

As the world opens up, so are many opportunities. Word I am hearing from the salespeople I have been meeting with the past few weeks, is that customers are on the prowl! That’s right, customers are on the lookout for new sourcing opportunities.  Companies are looking for alternative sources for their products, especially PCB and […]

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell By Paul Smith Copyright 2019 Simple Truths/ Ignite Reads Pages: 110 with Appendix and Notes Price: $16.99 Everyone is talking about stories…and rightfully so, anyone who knows anything about marketing in the 21st century knows that the way to get into peoples’ heads […]

Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Okay after eight weeks of lockdown, eight weeks of the world being scary, and challenging, and unpredictable, it’s time for a break. I have spent the past two months and counting working with companies and reps and salespeople doing what I can to help in any way I can to conduct business as usual. I […]