What Goes Around…

This column is meant for those companies who need printed circuit boards but don’t want to communicate with the PCB shops directly. It’s meant for those customers who believe that a PCB is just a thin piece of green plastic that anyone can build. This is for those companies who feel that the board shops […]

Interviewing A Sales Person

The most difficult part of a sales manager’s job. Without a doubt the most challenging part of being a sales manager is finding the right sales people to make up your sales team. It’s vitally important to find the right people because as a sales manager you live and die with your team. If you […]

A Great Relationship With Your Sales Reps

One of the most important aspects of my business is helping companies with their relationships with their reps. Certainly it’s no secret that the rep/principal relationship is one of the most challenging that industry faces. This relationship is particularly challenging in the PC board industry with its’ tremendous ups and downs and its’ consistent struggles […]