No Strategy = No Future.

Getting the North American PCB industry off death row: part two My column last week Let’s Get off Death Row, woke a few people up. I heard from a number of people, and for the most part the response was positive. People let me know that my words made them feel better. That it made […]

Let’s Get Off PCB Death Row

For at least twenty years now the American PCB industry has been sounding its’ death knell. There has been an overriding feeling that it is over and now it is only a matter of time. All I hear is the mournful wailing of the injustices that we have been dealt. It makes me feel that […]

I’m Confused By ITAR!

Look, let me say this from the beginning, I’m a big fan of ITAR. I believe that yes, we should have some kind of protection for defense aerospace products being built by American companies by American citizens. I think it is good for the PCB and PCBA industry for sure. I don’t like the idea […]

People Hate Being Sold. So Don’t Sell Them

People hate being sold. Of course, people want things. If they are in the business of buying and using PCBs for example, they need to buy them. But they want to feel they are in control. They want to “decide” on their own, (or so they think) without someone chattering in their ear about how […]

How Dedicated Are You?

Watching the Olympics over the past few days, I can’t help but be impressed with the amount of passion and dedication that these athletes have for their sport. Their background bios are filled with stories of speed  swimmers’ parents driving them to pools at 3:30 in the morning; of gymnasts leaving home at the age […]


The salesperson has been working on getting that live meeting for weeks. Finally, she gets in front of the customer. By now the customer is one of two things: they are either enchanted and curious, or they are  sick and tired of hearing from her and intend to end the barrage once and for all […]

At Least Try To Be Found!

The other day a rep I did not know called me to get some advice about a new product line. He left only his name, no phone number and yet he asked me to call him back! Fortunately, I have caller ID. Maybe he just assumed that everyone has caller ID. But he called my […]

What A Time We Live In!

As I sat in the back seat of my UBER the other day looking at the smartphone the driver was using to find my destination, I could not help but wonder at all of the changes that have occurred in the world during the past 45 years. I remember hosting a group of people to […]

A Hunting We Will Go!

The Ideal Customer Profile Okay let’s start off with that old Willie Sutton saw: When asked why he robbed banks, the famous or infamous bank robber responded, “Because that’s where the money is.” Which reminds me of some of the sales people we know who are out prospecting for new customers and orders while having […]