The Power Of Tenacity

  It’s amazing how much can get done when you decide to stick with it Another year, another strategic plan…or worse yet another month another strategic plan! Does this sound familiar to you? Well it does to me. The most difficult thing to do when you are a strategic consultant like I am is to […]

The Modern Salesperson

We’re not taking about your fathers’ salesperson, as they say. It’s a new world and the modern salesperson has to keep up or get run over. That’s just that way it is. I was talking to a young salesperson the other day. The first thing that struck me was how confident he was. This guy […]

Calling All PCB Sales People

Where are all the PCB sales people? A few years ago there were all kinds of sales people on the street. Good sales people; seasoned veterans with proven track records who had been victimized by the stream of mergers that left them high and dry when the conquering company went with their sales force and […]

Great Customer Service Stories

Oh, those wonderful customer service stories, don’t we all love them! The one about Nordstrom’s giving a customer a refund for the snow tires he returned, even though they don’t even sell snow tires! Or the one about the Saturn representative personally bringing a new seat to a Saturn owner in Alaska whose passenger seat […]

It’s A Great Time To Be A Salesperson

No kidding, this is the best time ever to be a salesperson. If you are in sales, especially electronics sales, selling PCB design, fabrication, and /or assembly services this is your time. Your services are wanted. Every single company in the business today wants to meet you. It doesn’t matter if you are a direct […]

Avoiding Risk Is Dangerous

Failing your way to success. When you ask a kindergarten class which one of them are artists, all of them will raise their hands because all of them believe that they are in fact artists. Now flash forward ten years and as a class of high school juniors and ask them how many are artists? […]

A Look At Trade Adjustment Assistance

Free money! Come and get it! It’s been a while since I talked about TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance), so I thought it might be a great time to remind everyone of what TAA actually is and what it can do for you. Now in this time of Chinese Tariffs people, many of our customers are […]