Lagniappe? What’s a Lagniappe?

“What the heck is a Lagniappe?” Okay, maybe it is not a so frequently asked question. This is exactly what I asked myself when I first saw the word the other day in a business book called What’s Your Purple Goldfish? How to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth by Stan Phelps. And then, […]

Customer Retention: The Great Lost Opportunity

We spend much more time and money and effort on attaining new customers than on retaining the ones we have already. It’s true that companies in all industries including ours are structured around customer acquisition rather than retention. In his new book, Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn any sale into a lifetime of loyalty […]

Setting Goals That Work!

The best way to accomplish anything significant is to set goals. Look, I know all those jokes about New Year’s resolutions and how they last about as long as a snowball in Tucson in August, but then again, goals are critical to getting anything done in life. I am one of those people who sets […]

Hiring Advice For 2021

As the world comes back to life, we’re all going to have to find  more people for our companies. Finding, and hiring the right people has become a critical issue for most of the companies in our industry. I know of some companies that have recs open for twenty to thirty jobs! And they are […]

Adaptability Is The Key

One of the most interesting things I have learned during the past ten months is that people are actually doing better work by not physically going to work. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is ultimately no substitute for being at work, but then again, many people have found that they could be much more […]

Why Market To Our Own Customers?

One of the things that always seems to come up when we are working with a company, especially when we are sending out their newsletters is this, “We want new customers, so why are we sending the newsletter out to our current customers? We have their business already.” This is one of the most serious […]

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

  As we do every year on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving we watch the old classic Trains, Planes and Automobiles starring Steve Martin and John Candy, and just like we do every year we all end up shouting suggestions at the characters, ideas  for making better choices. This movie came out in the late […]

Words Of Wisdom From Bezos

There is no mistaking the fact that Jeff Bezos is a pretty smart guy. He saw things years before the rest of us did. Many of us sat by and laughed as his company lost money year after year while he invested in the future. In fact, that is one of his many premises: “The […]