Real Leaders Care

Continuing our series about leadership this week. I went to my library to find a book about leadership. Perusing one of those books I came across this. I read a story about General Earl Hailston, the commanding general of Marine Forces Central Command. The general was interviewed while he and his troops were a few […]

Doing The Right Things In Tough Times

More people than ever are calling me for advice on how to spend their days. Frankly pre-Covid I would have been put off by this question. Really, a salesperson asking how she should spend her days? I would have thought she could have figured that out by now. But now, well, these are not normal […]

Tom Brady’s Great Leadership Tips

Okay, for those of you who hate Tom Brady, hold your nose, because we’re going to talk about him in this column. Not so much Tom Brady the Patriot, or the Buc, but Tom Brady the paragon of leadership.  I just read this new book titled 12 Lessons in Business Leadership from The Championship Career […]

Looking Into The Future

Have you thought about this autonomous vehicle thing? I mean really done some deep thinking about what it will mean to all of us, how it will change the world in ways we have not even thought of yet? Here is some insight into what is called “Level 5 of autonomy” and what that will […]

Salesperson: Brand Thyself

It’s a new day out there. For years we have been urging companies to brand themselves, to establish their own brand identity that will make them stand out from the rest of the pack. But now it’s time for individuals to brand themselves, especially salespeople. Whether you are an independent sales representative working for yourself, […]

Leadership Secrets From The Old Man Himself

That’s right, even Santa Claus has his own book of leadership secrets. We’ve heard from everyone from Jesus, to Churchill, from the Roosevelts Teddy and Franklin and  to the whole gang of bad guys in my friend Steve William’s great book Notorious. And now Santa himself has entered the leadership arena with a book of […]

How To Increase You Creativity

Why Aren’t You Creative? A few years ago, I did a column where I talked about how companies were scared to get creative, to try something new. I even came up with  a list of 50 reasons  “Why it Won’t Work.” I’ve been flattered over the years since then that people not only remember that […]