Great Advertising Is Terrifying

Everybody loves daring and creative advertising, but no one seems to have the courage to do it themselves. We all talk about the cool ads we see on television, and billboards that grab our attention, but when it comes to our own advertising we settle for the same old blah, safe, advertising that makes us […]

Five Marketing Myths

A list of things you’ve got wrong Yes things you’ve got all wrong when it comes to marketing, what it’s about, how it works and what it’s for. You know there are some distinct disadvantages to being in an engineering based business and one of them is that we all know way too little about […]

Using LinkedIn To Find New Customers

In last week’s column we talked about getting prospects to call you and I cited a case study by my associate, LinkedIn expert Bruce Johnston. At the end of that column I promised that this week we would talk about how he did get prospects to want to talk to the client, a metal fabricator […]

Get Prospects To Want To See You!

I come bearing good news. From everything I have heard, one of the hardest things for a salesperson to do these days is make appointments. We have talked about this often in this column, so many times in fact that I have made it my business to try to find a solution to this problem. […]

A Few Thoughts On Selling High Tech PCBs

Selling high technology is not always an easy thing for sales people. First, there is a credibility issue, when people see the word “sales” on your business card you can lose credibility. Listen, you could have been a director of engineering in your previous position before moving into sales; you could have been a full-blown […]