Hiring: The New World Order

A couple of facts to start with. The Boomers wanted jobs for life. They wanted security. Remember when working at the post office was a great career choice because you would have a job for life? Comedian and Seinfeld co- creator Larry David likes to tell the story about how disappointed his mother was that […]

More On Hiring…Again

Yes, this problem continues to challenge us as we head into 2021. I know of companies that have twenty or thirty job openings right now and are having a hard time finding people to apply, never mind filling them. One would think that with unemployment the way it is these days people would be storming […]

Hiring Advice For 2021

As the world comes back to life, we’re all going to have to find  more people for our companies. Finding, and hiring the right people has become a critical issue for most of the companies in our industry. I know of some companies that have recs open for twenty to thirty jobs! And they are […]

Interviewing A Sales Person

The most difficult part of a sales manager’s job. Without a doubt the most challenging part of being a sales manager is finding the right sales people to make up your sales team. It’s vitally important to find the right people because as a sales manager you live and die with your team. If you […]