Don’t Be A Howser

Back in the dark ages when I started in this business, management styles were, well shall we say, a bit different. As a young employee at Maine Electronics, a Rockwell International board house, primarily focused on Rockwell’s own products such as the Minuteman Missile program, the F-111 fighter, the B-1 Bomber and the Space Shuttle, […]

Nurturing Your PCB Talent

There is no doubt there is a shortage of young people in our business. As we all get older, the challenge of finding young people to replace us is getting more severe. So, I thought it only appropriate that this week we would talk about that nurturing process, training them to become not only viable, […]

Turning Over A New Page

The excitement of a new year! Turning over a new page. One year ends, and another begins. Isn’t that refreshing? Isn’t that a great feeling of renewal? Throwing out all of those old calendars, and hanging those new ones up on the way. Or, opening up that brand new date book for a symbolic, as […]

Santa’s Leadership Secrets

Leadership advice from the big guy. Last week we talked about the bad guys. This week, we are going to talk about the leadership secrets of the big guy himself, since it is after all the season to be jolly, Santa Claus. These leadership tips come from a neat little book I just read by […]

3 Goals For Your Annual Sales Meeting

This is truly, the most important meeting your company will hold every year. It is the one time during the entire year where the team comes together and intentionally talks about business for the coming year. Besides the sales people presenting their slate of account plans, and their customer-by-customer month- by-month sales forecast, operations will […]

Customer Service Starts At The Top

All customer service starts at the top. It’s a cultural thing. To have great customer service you have to have respect for your customers, everyone in the company has to respect the customer not just the customer service people. Look, it’s pretty easy to pass everything along to the customer service people (by the way […]

New Leadership

The world has changed, as has business, and subsequently, so has the way we lead. It is no longer enough to assume the role of leadership as just being in charge and telling people what do to. Along with that, it is no longer considered acceptable leadership to bang your fist on the table and […]

Be Bold And Win

Boldness is behavior born out of belief     Groeschel When things get tough, the bold ones will always take action. They will forego the feelings of dread, the anxiety about what could go wrong if they took that action or any action for that matter. They will not be afraid of the possible dire consequences if they […]