Pride Of Product

I recently read that when workers see who is using the end product that they are working on their productivity increases by up to 10%. This factor applies to a range of occupations from how it affects people working on medical devices when they see in real life how their devices are used to save […]

PCB Heroics

The PCB is not a commodity Normally I am a pretty mild mannered guy. But if you want to see me really get riled up, then call a printed circuit board a commodity! As I have said a million times a 28 layer blind and buried printed circuit board is not, nor will it ever […]

What Is Your Purpose?

I bet you have never been asked that question before, right? Sure, we all talk about what our company’s mission is, but we seldom, if ever talk about what our purpose is. Now let me make the prediction that if this is the first time you hear the question, it will not be the last.  […]

Setting Goals That Work!

The best way to accomplish anything significant is to set goals. Look, I know all those jokes about New Year’s resolutions and how they last about as long as a snowball in Tucson in August, but then again, goals are critical to getting anything done in life. I am one of those people who sets […]

Adaptability Is The Key

One of the most interesting things I have learned during the past ten months is that people are actually doing better work by not physically going to work. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is ultimately no substitute for being at work, but then again, many people have found that they could be much more […]

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

  As we do every year on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving we watch the old classic Trains, Planes and Automobiles starring Steve Martin and John Candy, and just like we do every year we all end up shouting suggestions at the characters, ideas  for making better choices. This movie came out in the late […]

It’s The Small Things

The great companies always pay attention to detail. I have read numerous times that Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ives would spend hours working on the boxes their products came in. They would hold the cover of an I-Pod box over the bottom of the box and just drop it seeing how long and how elegantly […]

Looking Into The Future

Have you thought about this autonomous vehicle thing? I mean really done some deep thinking about what it will mean to all of us, how it will change the world in ways we have not even thought of yet? Here is some insight into what is called “Level 5 of autonomy” and what that will […]