Embrace The Millennials

First of all, the disclosure. I do not pretend to know more about millennials than you do. In fact, I am not a fan of those self-nominated millennial whisperers. You know the ones. They like to show you how hip and young thinking they are by telling you that they and only they know how […]

Thanks Neutron Jack

Yes, Jack Welch was a false prophet who worshiped at the altar of capitalism. There I’ve said it! And I feel good about that because this is exactly what I thought for many years but was afraid to say.  I just read a new book by the title, The Man who Broke Capitalism: How Jack […]

This Is Our Time!

Yes, this is our time. I am talking to all those domestic PCB fab houses who feel they have gotten the short end of the stick for the past thirty years. Who feel that their customers have sold them out to the cheap labor companies…and taken their technology with them. Who have been harmed by […]

Fifteen Simple Rules For Business…And For Life

No matter what anyone tells you business is not hard and being a good business person is not hard. Being a person who is respected and even esteemed is not that difficult. Being someone that others turn to in  their time of need is easy. Being that person that people respect, even if they don’t […]

Embrace Your Failures!

It’s a shame to waste a good failure. You can tell how great a company is by how many failures they experience. This is based on the idea that if you’re not failing, you’re not doing enough. In fact you’re probably standing still, you’re stagnating, which is the closest thing to death a company does […]

You Gotta Love The Dead!

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead Yes, that’s right you Deadheads, it’s time to not only appreciate their music but appreciate the marketing lessons that you can learn from them. No this is not a joke, far from it, this is serious, deadly serious, these lessons come from the book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful […]

New Salespeople For A New World!

We are seeing the evolution of salespeople. It is no secret that many of our sales professionals are aging out, they are retiring or moving out to that great golf course in the sky. As they exit the premises so do some age old practices that go with them. In our own sales lifetimes, we […]

A Frictionless Future

People and companies want things to be as easy as possible. Online streaming, online buying, online everything has created a buyer’s expectation that is higher than it has ever been. I have read a number of articles where the writers are outraged, and I mean OUTRAGED! That the streaming networks like HULU and Amazon Prime […]

You Have To Be Impactful!

Are you making an impact? At your job? In your career? In your life? No matter how hard you work, no matter how much dedication and work ethic you have, if you don’t develop a strategy to be impactful, it will all be for nothing. Being impactful means making a difference. It means being able […]

It’s Showtime! Seven Must Do’s At Apex 2022

Okay let’s all say it all together, “This year’s IPC Apex Expo will be like no other.” Yes, sure of course! This year is like no other, it’s not even like last year’s which was really like no other. And now it’s time to get over it and make adjustments. Success comes to those who […]