Know What You’re Selling

Whether you’re selling garage door openers or guidance control systems, medical devices, kitchen appliances, laminate, or printed circuit boards, you must know your product. If you want to be a successful rep, you must study the product, understand how it is built, why it is built a certain way, and most importantly, why the product […]

Salespeople Need To Be Selling

Salespeople need to be selling. Wow! What a brilliant idea. Of course, salespeople need to sell, what else would they be doing if not selling? They are salespeople, right? Sure, they are but they have also been known, at least some of them, to do anything they can rather than be in front of the […]

7 Ways To Find New Customers

We all know that companies must grow or they will die. The same thing applies to rep firms. You must keep growing your business, adding new customers, and increasing your sales, or you too will die. Too many times reps will find three or four major customers and then rely on them for their income […]

The Solutions Meister

When you’re in business, you are in the business of providing solutions. Think about it, everything we do, everything we sell, products, services, treatments, all of these are solutions to problems, filling needs that our customers have. Restaurants feed hungry people. Hardware stores provide solutions to problems whether you are building a house or fixing […]

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

If you are going to successfully sell you products and services, you first must figure out who wants them. Sorry to say but not everyone is going to need or even want what you’re selling. So, rather than waste time trying to sell to everyone regardless of their needs it is much more efficient, not […]