Selling On Price Is A Losers Game

If you prospect for price you are going to get price oriented customers. You are only going to “buy” your way into an account and yes, you are going to set the precedent for the life of that account. So says Mark Hunter in his classic book High-Profit Prospecting published by Amacom. And allow me […]

Do You Have Prospects Or Just Suspects?

Do you ever feel you are barking up that proverbial wrong tree? Do you keep seeing the same people and getting nowhere? Do you sometimes wonder if you are in the right state? Or at the right company? Or with the right person? Scary thoughts aren’t they? Especially if any of them apply to you. […]

It’s A Brand Spanking New Year!

Making 2020 the best year of your sales career. Ten surefire steps to make sure you have a successful 2020! Even if you didn’t do your homework in Q4, it’s not too late to set yourself up for a great year. All you need is two days of planning and then a lot of hard […]

Prospecting Is Mandatory

Get out there and do it now! I know you hate to prospect and you hate to make cold calls, so this is what we have to talk about today. Whether you like it or not. There is a great book by Mark Hunter called High-Profit Prospecting, a trade paperback published by Amacom. This book is […]

Don’t Give Your PCBs Away!

Look I know getting business is hard. I know that you’re biggest problem is always having enough business and I certainly know that most of our customers pride themselves in buying the cheapest circuit board that money can buy. But still that is no excuse to give away your boards. You have got to make […]

Give Your Customer Your Very Best

Walk with the customer. Care about him. Make sure that you know what she needs and give it to her. Make sure that he knows that you care about what will make his life easier and provide it. Look, the hard sell is dead, if it ever was alive in the first place. Now we […]