Selling Against Price

  I hate this subject. I don’t hate it because I’m scared of it, but rather because it reminds be that most of our customers pride themselves on their ability to find the cheapest products in the world to put into their products, which they also claim are the best in the world. How exactly […]

It’s Only Common Sense: Selling Against the Big Guys

There has for some time now been and ever growing gap in annual revenue numbers between the large international board shops and the smaller local board shops. While most of the smaller North American shops are in the under $50 million-a-year revenue range, the big guys are now hovering around the billion-dollar range-a-year range. There […]

Getting Your Sales Momentum Back

A short plan to get things kick- started when your sales are stuck in neutral So your sales are down right now. Your numbers are in the gutter and no matter what you do you can’t seem to get anything going. You’re beating on your outside sales team and they are doing everything they can […]

The Consultative Sale

The best way to sell is the consultative sale. The best way to get people’s attention is to help them solve their problems, give them solutions, and most of all be valuable to them. The mistake that most people make is to blast off about how good their product is without taking into consideration what […]

On Being A Great Independent Rep

This week we are going to talk about what it takes to be a great rep; and what you can do to not only delight your principals but more importantly develop a win/win partnership with them where you both win more business and make more money. First of all: get over it. Yes you’ve been […]